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What is Inception valuation Offering

Inception Valuation Offering aims to accelerate company/start ups at pre level  by providing Real time data 

Why is Inception valuation.

Companies often has many fears while they are planning to launch a new idea.

What if it fails?   Is it going to be a next big thing?

How to attract investors? 

Market uncertainty and competition etc ..



And on the other hand often investors fail to understand the idea ,


overlooking the fact  how important it is for community or how impact it is on society .

Many investment firms  only prioritise  the balance sheets

and turn down many start ups by measuring their performance with revenue .

Wie looking at a startup valuation. in different way.

Inception  Valuation Offering is open to public

1.strength of team.

2.Employment created.

3. Recommendations

4. Ratings.

This will provide the basis for an evidence based review for investors on what has been achieved and their investment is value for money.

Wie  promote innovations .

Encourage Entrepreneurs 

and thus creating the conditions for economic growth

and contribute to sustainability

You just have to register your details.

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