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Davos - Annual Event

World Innovation Economics create an open and inclusive platform that encourages startups, technology experts, and individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate. This will promote a variety of perspectives and ideas, leading to more robust solutions.

Encourage participants to identify and propose solutions to pressing issues faced by industries, communities, or society. Celebrate and recognise outstanding innovations and success stories from the platform. Aim to connect startups and technology enthusiasts from different countries and regions. Global collaboration can lead to cross-border innovations and solutions with a wider impact.

Strive to include start-ups from diverse backgrounds and demographics. Encouraging diversity can lead to fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Our initiatives include Open CollaborationFocus on Real-World Challenges,

Partnerships, Mentorship and Guidance, Recognise Innovations, Global Reach, Networking Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusivity & Women Entrepreneurship

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Innovative Start-up Awards

We accelerate your start-up with awards and thus recognise them as a valuable asset and their role in the economy

Our annual event gives the opportunity to explore and connect with the right team.

Our data will assess the start-ups and identify the potential growth, sustainability and impact on the economy

We ensure that the assessment process and award criteria involve industry experts who understand the specific challenges and

opportunities in different sectors. This will help in accurately evaluating the potential and impact of each start-up.

​​Use the event to generate media coverage and publicity for the winning start-ups. The increased visibility can attract more investors, customers and partners.​

Consider offering post-event support to the awarded start-ups, such as follow-up networking events, or participation in subsequent editions of the event.

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Women In Leadership

In 2023 World Innovation economics took Choir Pledge which means

1. At least 1 of every 3 keynote speakers is a woman or person of color
2. Every panel with 4 or more people includes at least 1 woman or person of colour as a
non-moderator expert
3. Women of colour are represented throughout the agenda in expert sessions, not only
sessions about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

We partnered with Swiss Fintech Ladies Association ( are committed to encourage women entrepreneurs and to take more active role in the digital age thru numerous actions and initiatives . WIE , SFLA together aims to build a strong and supportive community can be instrumental in overcoming challenges and fostering growth.

Extend the program's reach beyond national borders to support women entrepreneurs in different countries, fostering a global network of female business leaders.

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Student Start-ups

Accelerating student start-ups is a fantastic initiative that can encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity among young minds.Striving towards to create an ecosystem that nurtures and supports young entrepreneurs in their journey to create impactful ventures

Since 2020 we are encouraging student entrepreneurship thru our events.

Our pitch events are where student start-ups can pitch their products or services to potential investors, mentors, and customers.

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