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Davos - Annual Event

Open Collaboration: Create an open and inclusive platform that encourages startups, technology experts, and individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate. This will promote a variety of perspectives and ideas, leading to more robust solutions.

Focus on Real-World Challenges: Emphasize addressing real-world challenges through innovation. Encourage participants to identify and propose solutions to pressing issues faced by industries, communities, or society as a whole.

Partnerships: Collaborate with technology companies, research institutions, government agencies, and venture capitalists to enhance the credibility and support for the platform. Partnerships can also offer access to resources and expertise.

Government Policy Advocacy: Engage with policymakers to highlight the importance of supporting innovative startups and advanced technologies. Advocate for policies that foster an environment conducive to growth and experimentation.

Mentorship and Guidance: Provide mentorship programs to startups, connecting them with experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors. Mentorship can accelerate growth and help startups avoid common pitfalls.

Recognise Innovations: Celebrate and recognize outstanding innovations and success stories from the platform. Awards and recognition can motivate startups and encourage further innovation.

Global Reach: Aim to connect startups and technology enthusiasts from different countries and regions. Global collaboration can lead to cross-border innovations and solutions with a wider impact.

Networking Opportunities: Emphasize the networking aspect of your event. Provide ample opportunities for start-ups to interact not only with potential investors but also with other start-ups, mentors, and seasoned entrepreneurs. Building a strong network can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborations.

Diversity and Inclusivity: Strive to include start-ups from diverse backgrounds and demographics. Encouraging diversity can lead to fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Innovative Start-up Awards

We accelerate your start-up with awards and thus recognise them as a valuable asset and their role in the economy

Our annual event gives the opportunity to explore and connect with the right team.

Our data will assess the start-ups and identify the potential growth, sustainability and impact on the economy

We ensure that the assessment process and award criteria involve industry experts who understand the specific challenges and

opportunities in different sectors. This will help in accurately evaluating the potential and impact of each start-up.

​​Use the event to generate media coverage and publicity for the winning start-ups. The increased visibility can attract more investors, customers and partners.​

Consider offering post-event support to the awarded start-ups, such as follow-up networking events, or participation in subsequent editions of the event.

How It Works 

It could refer to any situation where businesses come together to exchange goods, services, ideas, or resources for mutual benefit.

Examples of business interactions could include:

  • Information on a manufacturer supplying raw materials to a company that produces finished products.

  • Direct access to business entrepreneurs for collaboration.

  • Information on Local businesses that could help the business to thrive

  • Information on marketing agencies providing services to a client company.

  • A consulting firm offering advice and support to other businesses on how to optimise their operations.

  • A software company sells its products to other businesses to help them manage internal processes or customer interactions.

We strive to make sure that businesses have access to the best available infrastructure, talent, and resources to reach their goals

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