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Invole workshop and UN-Philip Idea.

Agenda - New ideas

Swapna -cotacts, Companies

Nithish-KTR group
Srinivas kollipara
T hub
Vinayak Ji

Banguluru -Start ups.
Sudhir TIF.


12 pitches ??


An annual event which brings the worlds greatest innovations 

You will be actively engaged as a full participant throughout the entire event, as we have  Exhibits of  startups that Solve real problems,

Panel discussions of policy makers  to deliver a new Innovation based Economy

Risks and  insights into why traditional innovation programs usually fail to achieve their desired results and how to design more effective programs to foster systemic innovation.

Investment opportunities in the country’s fast-growing economy.

Networking with the global leaders.

"Innovation should embed with culture, Inspire people, Drive Technology, Protect Environment, achieve social welfare, establish a solid Economic growth and achieve Sustainability.

This will be the recipe for 4th Industrial Evolution."

How are we going to fill the gap?

Wie is a highly focused event which is dedicated for innovations and startups that provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience around the globe

Keeping that in mind WIE and SFTA teams are working hard for this virtual event to connect, communicate and create the impact in the same way that the open events do.

Also, we decided to invite Winners to attend next year's event and take the award in person and get an opportunity to introduce their companies .

  • Exhibit your company
  • Become A Speaker on Global Platform
  • Host an Event
  • Become a curator on the stage panel
  • Promoting and Branding your profile 
  • Launch your ideas,business
  • Expanding your business overseas
  • Connect and collaborate
  • Networking with Global Leaders
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