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Everything about Davos


World Economic Forum is an annual event that brings together several thousand business executives Economists,Thought Leaders,Young activists and political leaders focusing on critical global issues.

WEF is by invitation only. But there are a lot more interesting events happening outside  WEF which are free, open and welcoming.

The road Promenade within walking distance from the WEF Convention Centre, Davos comprises Iconic Luxury Hotels and local shops is considered to be the most vibrant place outside WEF.

The path that fall on the street focuses on gatherings, meet ups, launches, connections, deal makings , investments, networking drinks and much more.

While the governments from various countries  with their own lounges gleams in this  very powerful street  , big banks, unicorns , consulting firms , tech giants  comfortably ensconced here focusing on niche events, gearing up new ideas and finding potential clients  and there are Startups,  Tech  and innovations  always steal the show.

In 2020,Davos is mentioned in Forbes Article as

"Davos 2020 Hacked: Tech And Innovation Dominate"


On the other hand, simultaneously conducted by the World Economic Forum , Open Forum Davos is a public event held each year at the local Swiss Alpine Middle School  brings worlds most influential  people gives an extraordinary opportunity to learn.

It is estimated that there are nearly 3000 participant  who are  invited offically to wef but the vistors during that period are more than 30,000. 

And the reason is explained by CNBC and BBC

"Those people are coming here because they can have meetings with maybe 50 potential clients, or investors, in the space of three days that would take them ten years to do outside of this,”

"For those fringe organisers — typically banks, technology companies, consulting firms and even fitness companies — Davos is the perfect place to reach a powerful group they might not otherwise be able to gather together. Control over content and the guest list is a significant appeal for companies with deep pockets. They can focus on niche or specialised topics that might not make the cut for the official programme"

Some of the side events in last few years

Refinitiv announces the launch of the Future of Sustainable Data Alliance

Caspian Week a meeting point of visionaries ,market leaders and experts with the focus in the capian region

EY announces appointment of Steve Varley as first EY Global sustainability leader as part of its expanded strategy

Bloomberg invitation-only event focused on conversation for The Year Ahead

Haus of Fintech core focus is to promote the open exchange of ideas on the role FinTech can play in helping achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030

TechParkConferencesDavos brings together some of the finest minds in the tech world from more than 30 countries. Be it academicians, researchers, innovators, or industry leading  “technopreneurs”  find them all at TechPark Davos Conference

WBCSD at WEF Davos 2020 Co-hosted by Circle Economy, SITRA and WBCSD, the Circular Economy Dinner will include networking drinks and dinner, major announcements and short talks by high-level representatives

Blockchain Central — GBBC will bring together the leading voices in blockchain to share insights and create unmatched opportunities for innovators, especially GBBC members, to collaborate with policymakers and business leaders from around the world.

Equality Lounge® — Female Quotient taps into the power of the collective to advance equality. Through our portfolio, we bring visibility to the invisible, create actions and accountability for change, and help companies close the gaps across parity, pipeline, and policy.

Cyber Future Foundation  an continued measure of executive discussion across business and cyber chiefs, along with public sector and NGO leaders

SIGEF Davos  is a Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum for a Cohesive and Sustainable World

Silicon Valley Blockchain Society brings together Institutional Capital, Venture Capital, Family Offices, Corporate and Angel Investors on one hand and a plethora of cross-capability experts on the other, in a distributed network called the SVBS Nation

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