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 WIE 2nd Annual Event

Winners 2020


Global Data Excellence



24 January 2020, Davos 

Cerealia updated
Trigyan org updated
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Networking Partners


Strategic Partners

Advisory Partners


Speakers 2020

Philip Weights

Philip Weights

Ambassadors of Private Banking

Banking / FinTech,Advisor and Mentor for Start ups

Dr. Walid el Abed

Dr. Walid el Abed

Global Data Excellence SA


Artificial Intelligence Driven Business Data Governance Stewardship

Mushegh Tovmasyan

Mushegh Tovmasyan

Zenus Bank

Founder/Fintech Entrepreneur.

Kaiser Naseem

Kaiser Naseem

Global FinTech Influencer

Robert Schwertner

Robert Schwertner


Influencer/Speaker in the blockchain and Crypto world

Hirander Misra

Hirander Misra

 GMEX Group        

 Chairman & CEO

Dr. Efi Pylarinou
Toni C.jpg
Isaac Thomas
Andrei Grigorov

      Dr. Efi Pylarinou

Top Fintech Influencer & Advisor 

Isaac Thomas


CEO & Co-Founder 

Andrei Grigorov




Eyal Bloch

Eyal Bloch

Technology of Peace

Head of TOP- Technology of peace, Social Sculpture, Educator,

Co-founder ESD Institute

Cyrus Fazel

Cyrus Fazel


Founder & CEO

Liliana Reasor

Liliana Reasor


Founder & CEO


Dmitry Kaminskiy

Deep Knowledge Ventures

General Partner at DKV&Longevity.Capital

Stefan Kanalga

Stefan Kanalga


 CEO & Founder


Rajinder Jhol





            Andi Burri


 Co-Founder - Chief Sales Officer

Arnaud Salomon

Mt Pelerin Bank

Founder & CEO 


Dr. Sylviane Toporkoff

Items International

 Founder & Partner


     Dr.Mattia Rattaggi

Chairman of FiCAS, Founder andManaging Partner of METI Advisory AG

David Davies

David Davies


 CEO & Founder

SallyM Solaymantash

SallyM Solaymantash

Solaymantash Associates Limited

President & Founder of SAM SmarterApproach® Methodology


Stefan Hascoet

Deep Knowledge Ventures

Managing Partner.


Tim Porter 

Tim Porter 

Kare Knowledgeware

Founder & CEO

Vinayak R Marathe

Vinayak R Marathe

Reliance Industries Limited

Head Planning Bio Fuel Project and Operations Reliance

Sunil Mohareer

Sunil kumar  Mohareer

WorldInnovationEconomics Ltd

Co-Founder and COO



8:30-9:00 Registration


9:00-9:15 Welcome from the World Innovation Economics Co-Founders

9:15-9:35 Cohesive Finance through Blockchain – Dr. Efi Pylarinou, Co-Founder

DailyFintech & No. 1 Finance Global Woman Influencer (by Refinitiv)

9:35-9:50 Impact of Technology in Finance - Kaiser Naseem International Development Banker & GlobalFinTech Influencer, Russia

9:50-10:30 Trigyan Launch


10 :30 -10:45 Break –  Coffee with Caradonna (Toni Caradonna Festival Director International

Innovation Film Festival Bern & CTO & Partner Blockchain Trust Solutions AG Zurich)


10:45-11:00 Govern by Value - AI driven DEMS-Nixus Dr. Walid el Abed GDE Geneva (Pitch)

11:00-11:15 First Regulated US Digital Bank for Global Clients – Zenus Bank Puerto Rico, Chairman Mushegh Tovmasyan (Pitch)

11:15-11:30 Mt. Pelerin Group - a Fintech start-up creating a full-reserve Swiss bank built on the blockchain. Founder & CEO Arnaud Salomon (Pitch)

11:30-11:45 Technology to lift small farmers out of poverty - UN SDG1- AgUnity Founder David Davies Australia (Pitch)


11:45-12:30 PANEL 1  -   Financial Services Innovation in the 2020s

Philip Weights FinTech Advisor and Mentor(Moderator),Dr. Mattia I. Rattaggi

Efi Pylarinou, Kaiser Naseem, Zenus Bank, Swissborg, Loanboox, Mt. Pelerin digital bank


12:30 - 1:15 Lunch & Welcome Back

1:15-1:30 SwissBorg: Smart Engine New Era of Wealth Management, Cyrus Fazel Founder (Pitch)

1:30-1:45 Loanboox independent debt capital market platform – Andi Burri Co-Founder& CSO

1:45-2:00 “For a Better You - For a Better Us” YesWeTrust Founder Stefan Kanalga (Pitch)

2:00-2:30 PANEL 2 - Data Innovation, Data Governance & Fintech Disruptions

Philip Weights Moderator – Panel GDE, GMEX Group, WIE, Trigyan

2:30-2:45 Self-service Automation Platform - Kare Technologies - Tim Porter (Pitch)

2:45-3:00 AgeTech / LongevityTech - Stefan Hascoet, Managing Partner Deep Knowledge Ventures

3:00-3:15 Smart approach - Enterprise Knowledge Loss - SallyM Solaymantash


3:15 -3:30 Break -Coffee w/Rajinder Jhol (JinBank FinTech Forest Conservation Net Zero Carbon)


3:30-3:45 VeganNation – Isaac Thomas Founder & CEO Israel (Pitch)

3:45-4:15 Social Innovations using Technology – Reliance, YesWeTrust, AgeTech (DKV),Dmitry Kaminskiy

4:15-4:30 Blockchain & Crypto Innovations, and “How Facebook lies about Libra”

Robert Schwertner, “Crypto Robby” Vienna

4:30-5:00 Changing technology - Short Stories on Crypto and blockchain - Liliana Reasor Suprafin SmartWealthTech Platform for Cryptoassets, Andrei Grigorov Cerealia, CryptoRobby.

5:00-5:15 Global Forum - the Davos for ICT - Dr. Sylviane Toporkoff - Founder and Partner of Items International and President Global Forum


5:15-6:00 PANEL 3 – AgriTech Growth and Sustainability Philip Weights Moderator

AgUnity David Davies, Cerealia Andrei Grigorov, VeganNation Isaac Thomas, TOP Global (Technology of Peace) Israel , Eyal Bloch

6:00PM    Announcement of Special Innovation Awards

On the Day

On the Day

Join Panels with our Moderator Philip Weights 

Founder & MD of Enhanced Banking Governance GmbH . Philip has over 50 years senior executive experience
in banking and financial services with Citi, Security Pacific, Safra-Republic, HSBC, and EFG Bank.  


Special Event Coffee with Caradonna


Toni Caradonna , Swiss comedian & Blockchain Entrepreneur & tech geek.

Robby Schwertner,  CryptoRobby,Blockchain nonfluencer,Crypto blogger.

    Dr. Mattia I. Rattaggi

Chairman of FiCAS, Founder and
Managing Partner of METI
Advisory AG and a co-founder of
the project SEBA Bank AG.

  Dr.Efi Pylarinou

No.1 woman influencer,
by Refinitiv Global Social
Media 2019.

           Kaiser Naseem

A global thought leader, disruptor
Innovator and a strategic thinker
with strong ethical standards and

focus on results.

   Dr. Sylviane Toporkoff

Founder and Partner of Items
and President Global Forum kicks off
Global Forum 2010.

And Disruptive Business and Technology Leaders from

Global Data Excellence - Earned the excellence prize from the European Commission’s Horizon H2020 research and innovation Programme with a €2 million grant.
Zenus Bank - The first bank in USA for Global clients. VeganNation - 300 million vegans worldwide .Transforming from a community to a nation.
SwissBorg - A fintech company on the Ethereum Blockchain and a successful ICO which raised $50Million from twenty-four thousand individual contributors from across the globe.
Cerealia -Agri-products trader with 20 years’ experience and targets roughly 400 bln USD/year global trade in grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils and feedstuffs.
Kare Knowledgeware - Top 10 Customer Experience Companies 2019 Top 20 Hottest Customer Service Companies 2018 Best Innovation in Deep Learning 2017Best AI Start-up 2016.
AgUnity - A global technology platform empowering thousands of organizations working

LoanBoox - The independent debt capital market platform. toward UN SDGs .
Technology Of Peace - A social & business initiative affiliated with the Institute of World Affairs .

Mt Pelerin-The Swiss Tokenization Leader which provides Smarter Way to Raise Funds.
Reliance Industries - The first Indian company to exceed $100 billion market capitalization - Revenue Increase US$87 billion in (2019) with an Operating income Increase of US$13 billion and Net income Increase of US$5.6 billion in 2019). Total assets of US$140 billion in 2019.
GMEX - One of the Top 10 leaders of blockchain technology .In the all Party Parliamentary Group 2018 report on the UK Blockchain industry and a leading influencer.
YesWeTrust -Inspire people to reach their full potential, make an impact and actively shape a better future by providing a system partly based on blockchain technology.
Longevity Capital - Specialized Investment Fund focused on Longevity Industry . 

SupraFin - The Global Automated Investment Management Platform for Digital-Assets.

Venue         Oberwiesstrasse 3, 7270 Davos,Switzerland.

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