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Day 1 - Impact Innovations - 16th Jan 2024

Morning Session 

8:45-9:00 Welcome Note by Philip J. Weights, President@SFTA and Spandana Ayachitam,


9:00-9:15 Keynote by Aayati Dash Kar, (6th Grade Student) Co-Founder, Queendom Metaverse at World Woman Foundation.




9:15-9:30 Introduction on 'Metaverse Program' by Kelly Vero - Opening notes

9:30-10:15 Breaking Barriers: 'Navigating Interoperability for Business' (Panel1)


  • Kelly Vero, CEO/CTO at NAK3D

  • Robecca Dovey, Senior Associate at Marks & Clerk

  • Dr.Daniel Diemers, Partner at SNGLR Group

  • Christian Wittmer, Co-Founder at NAK3D, NFT Consult

  • Matthias Sala, Co-Founder and CEO at Gbanga

  • Georgina Wellman, VP at Sine Wave Entertainment


10:15-10:30 Keynote by Martha Boeckenfeld,

' The Next Quantum Leap With AI ': Femitopia

10:30-10:40 Keynote by Saurav Chatterjee -

'Threading the needle between digital and traditional worlds'


10:40-11:15 'Leveraging Immersive Tech in BusinessPanel' by Shadow Factory (Panel2)

  • Roger de Leon, Managing Director at Shadow Factory

  • Andrew Dunn, CEO at Shadow Factory

  • Lewis Muir Lupton, Chief Metaverse Officer at Shadow Factory


11:15 -11:30 Metaverse Training:

Key Data Insights from Early Adopters : Keynote by Georgina Wellman, Sine Wave Entertainment


Health Care

11:30-11:45 Keynote by Sanjeev Kumar, CEO at Harley Street Healthcare Group PLC

11:45-12:00 Keynote by Faramarz Farhoodi, President and Chairman at AI Nexus Inc.

Day 1 - Impact Innovations - 16th Jan 2024


Afternoon Session 

ESG /SDG Goals


Embracing the Future: The Crucial Role of Students in ClimateChange


1:00-1:15 Keynote by Ishaan Mohareer, Year 8 student 'City of London School' and Founder of

1:15-1:45 - 'Practical Approach for Achieving Sustainability Goals' : Keynote by Rom Reddy, CEO at SOPTICS.AI

1:45-2:30 - A Sustainable Future: 'ESG & SDG Insights at the WIE Davos Summit' (Panel3)

  • Rom Reddy, CEO at SOPTICS.AI

  • Luise Ammerschuber, LLM, Founder of YESS Impact(TEDx, UN)

  • Dr. BA Florence Anglès, Club Turgot - Head of Geopolitics, French, European and International Economies

  • Juan-Carlos Lara, ESG-LAB Suisse and Alexander Fries | Venture Capitalist & Board Member

  • Emanuele Pizzatti , Venture Investor at Smart Infrastructure Growth Fund


Global Policy and Payments


2:30:3:15 FIat 24: The changing payment landscape ( Panel 4)

  • Kay Shidlo, CMO at Fiat24 and Sanja Kon, Vice President Europe at Circle

  • Marco Calicchia, Director of Business Development at Redefine

  • Sheraz Ahmed, Founder at Decentral House &Managing Partner at STORM Partners

  • Alexandre Kech, Digital Assets | Six digital Exchange


3:15 - 4:00 Yuvi Digital: 'India’s Digital Public Infrastructure & and its role in Reducing Inequality with a Specific focus on UPI' (Panel5)


  • Philip J. Weights, President of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association

  • Sunil Kumar Mohareer, Co-Founder at World InnovationEconomics & QuantumfAi

  • Prashant W, Co-founder & investor at YuviDigital

  • Sanjeev Sanyal, Member of Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (EAC-PM), India.


Day 1 - Impact Innovations - 16th Jan 2024

Evening Session 

Women in Leadership

4:05-4:20 Keynote: Ms Kalli Purie

4:20-5:00 Women in Leadership: Discuss how diverse leadership teams contribute to innovation and business success (Panel6)

  • Kanta Singh, Deputy Country Representative at UN Women India

  • Aarti Gupta, CIO at Family Office DM Gupta & Anikarth Ventures | National Head - FICCI

  • Pragati Sureka, Psychologist,Trainer, Board Member, YPO SP, TedX Speaker

  • Kanika Tekriwal, CEO at JetSetGo - Aviation Services Pvt Ltd.

  • Stuti Jalan, Founder at Crosshairs Communication & Women Inspiring Network


Longevity and Healthcare Innovations

5:00 - 5:30 Sustainable Healthcare Systems: Balancing Quality, Accessibility, and Affordability (Panel 7)

  • Sanjeev Kumar, CEO at Harley Street Healthcare Group PLC.

  • Faramarz Farhoodi, CEO at AI Nexus Healthcare Inc.

  • Dr. Ratnesh Thapliyal, Co-Founder & CEO at SmellCells Ltd.

  • Dr. Ali Ghahary, Harley Street Medical Group, London


5:30-6:15 Wealth and Longevity: A Look at the Socio-Economic Aspects and Opportunities within an Aging Population (Panel 8)

  • Dr Ira Sobel, Founder at Fintech for Longevity Academy and Nadine Esposito, Head of FinTech for Longevity at SFTA

  • Elisabeth Roider, MD, PhD, MBA ,Chief Scientific and Medical Officer at maximon_ag

  • Carla Bedard Pfeiffer, Global Health Impact Leader at Roche

  • Barbara Radtke, Board of Directors at Insel Gruppe


Day 2 - Emerging Technology - 17th Jan 2024

 Morning Session


8:45:09:00 Welcome Note by Philip J. Weights, President @SFTA and Spandana Ayachitam, Founder


9:00-09:30 'Swiss Fintech Ladies Association' (Panel 1)


  • Iwona Fluda, Investor and SFTL coach

  • Tessy Anthony de Nassau, Investor and SFTL Speaker

  • Daria Mühlethaler, Head of Longevity working group SFTL and CREALOGIX

  • Karen Wendt, Angel Investor & President SwissFinTechLadies

  • Prof. Dr. Anina Hille, Lecturer Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Advisor SFTL


9:30-10:00 Start-up Pitches(SFTL)


  • Smaranda Jaun, CIRO Composite Recycling

  • Mahnoosh Mirghaemi, CEO & Founder at Colivar


10:00-10:30 Investment Insights: 'Market Trends and Future of Investments' (Panel 2)


  • Kathrin Wolff Schmandt, Senior Advisor/Board Member/Angel Investor

  • Manuel Eppert, Investor -Women-led Startups Venture Capital

  • Ivo Ronner, Venture Capital Investor at SwissPost

  • Brijesh Luthra,Vice President ,Swiss InsurTech Hub


10:30-11:05 Start-ups Pitches

10:30-10:45 Anna Shpak, Founder, Chief Executive Officer at Generation Impact Global SA

10:45-10:55 Kelly Vero, CEO/CTO at NAK3D

10:55-11:05 Juliana Ramalho, CEO at Talento Sênior | Sócia-fundadora

11:05-11:15 Angus Griffin, Founder and CEO at


11:15-12:00 CEO Panel: 'Leading Beyond Profit' (Panel3)


  • Marina Cvetkovic, Moderator, Co-owner and Co-CEO at Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners, Award-winning CEO Coach & Board Advisor

  • Nicole Heimann, Moderator, Co-owner and Co-CEO at Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners, Award-winning CEO Coach & Board Advisor

  • Andreas Berger, CEO at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

  • Kai Arndt, Co-CEO at Montana Aerospace

  • Jonathan Price, President & CEO at TECK

  • Luca Zerbini, Founding Partner & CEO at Una Terra


Start-ups Pitches


12:00-12:10 Sarah Schlagenhauf, CEO & Founder at ArtDeal AG | Innovator & Strategy Web3

12:10-12:20 Faramarz Farhoodi, CEO at AI Nexus Healthcare Inc

Day 2 - Emerging Technology - 17th Jan 2024

 Afternoon Session

1:25-2:05 Start-ups

1:25-1:40 David Semach, CEO at AIM Reply | Artificial Intelligence For Business Impact

1:40-1:55 Keynote - Shadow Factory

1:55-2:05 Kristoffer Kvam, CEO at SMOC.AI


2:10-2:40 Finance Decentralised - Asset-backed cryptos (Panel4)


  • Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi, Advisor, Board Member, Start-ups Developer. Digital Finance & Web3.0

  • Eelco Fiole, Ph.D, Risk Governance for Sustainable and Digital Investment

  • Anna Tutova, CEO at Coinstelegram


2:45-3:00 Launch of


3:00-3:45 AI for Good - SFTA ZUG ( Panel 5 )


  • Philipp E. Dettwiler, Head Chapter Zug at Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA)

  • Claudio Mirti, Senior Advanced Analytics & AI Specialist EMEA (Global Black Belt) at Microsoft

  • Dr. Anna Gawlikowska, Chief Executive Officer at Swiss AI AG

  • Bas Steunebrink, Head of Business Development at Hylomorph Solutions

  • Fabian Schenker, Generative AI Global Blackbelt at Google


3:45-4:00 Keynote - 'How nature is fuelling your AI-assistant​' by Jean-Philippe Schepens van Thiel, Founder and CEO

4:05:4:15 Olga Miler, Founder & CEO at SmartPurse - Financial Education Platform

4:15-4:25 Dr. Ratnesh Thapliyal, Co-Founder & CEO at SmellCells Ltd.


4:30-5:15 Emerging Technologies: Human interactions in virtual spaces (Panel 6)


  • Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld, Top 100 Women of the Future | Web3 Advisor | UN Peace Ambassador | Founder Marthaverse

  • Professor Crenguta Leaua, Alternative dispute resolution specialist

  • Jean-Philippe Schepens van Thiel, Founder and CEO

  • Dr.Suren Movsisyan, Founder/CTO at Algorithm


5:15-5:25 Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO at Mindway AI

5:25-5:35 Bōgdan Almasi, CEO at Assetto & Blockchain Visionary

5:35-5:45 Matthias Sala, Cofounder & CEO at Gbanga

5:45-5:55 Sanjeev Kumar, CEO at Harley Street Healthcare Group PLC


5:55-6:05 Keynote - 'Loving Fast Future Blurs' by Efi Pylarinou, Global Influencer - Fintech & Disruptive Tech

6:15-7:00 Student Startups

  • Dr. Robert Axelrod-InSight

  • Giulia Paladini -Orsa


Yellow Theme Photo Shoot
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Day 3 -  Africa Hub

Davos Innovation Week

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